After 12 years of professional competition, Chuck Liddell has officially retired from the sport of mixed martial arts. Dana White made the announcement at the beginning of today’s UFC 125 pre-fight press conference.

An clearly emotional Liddell briefly took the podium and thanked the fans for all their support over the years. He seemed to give the impression that retirement isn’t what the fighter in him wanted, but it seems he it’s something he has accepted and is ready to move to the next stage in his career and life.

Speaking of Liddell’s future, he may not be a UFC fighter anymore, but that doesn’t mean his career with the UFC is over. As promised, Dana has given Liddell a post-retirement position with the organization he helped build. Dana announced that Chuck will join the UFC’s executive management team as the Vice President of Business Development. Dana said this position will put Chuck on par with the rest of the company’s top level executives.

As someone who has been a fan of Chuck’s for a long time, it’s sad to see this day come, but with all the damaging blows he’s taken in recent years, I’m glad to see him stop before it’s too late.

In honor of Chuck’s legendary career, here’s KingAtRock Production’s highlight reel of The Iceman.