Aaron Tru caught up with Chuck Liddell following his retirement announcement to get his thoughts on walking away from MMA and his new job as UFC Executive Vice President of Business Development.

More thoughts from Chuck Liddell via Yahoo! Sports.

“I’ve done this all my life and it’s all I know – competing,” Liddell said. “I’ve never been out of season. I’ve gone from karate to wrestling to football, and I was always competing all the way through. It’s hard to make that decision to retire. I talked to my family, I talked to my coaches, John [Hackleman], about it.”

“I’m just not able to put it together anymore,” he said. “I still compete with everybody in the gym, but I’m not able to put it together out there anymore. I don’t know whether it’s time or what it is, but I can’t take a shot very well anymore. If that’s what it is, fine. I have kids and I want to play with them and love them for the rest of my life. There are other things to do. This is something that I can be excited about.”

“I would liked to have gone out on a winning streak, but I don’t think I would have left if I had been winning,” he said. “I would have wanted to fight one more time to get a win, and if I won then, I would have just wanted to fight again. It’s one of those things.”