As usual, Dana White sat down with the media following the UFC 125 pre-fight press conference to address all the hot topics in the UFC and MMA. Video of the chat above via MMA Fighting with a quick rundown below…

— Regarding Brock Lesnar and his rumored interest in Wrestlemania, Dana White made it pretty clear that he’s not going to give Lesnar permission to participate in any capacity other than as a spectator.

“Not going to happen,” White said. “He can’t leave the UFC. He’s under contract.”

While White wouldn’t reveal what is next for Lesnar, he made it clear the heavyweight won’t be starring for the WWE anytime soon – even in some kind of limited special role.

“Like row 3, seat 16?” White asked. “Row 3, seat 16 in aisle 2 sounds good to me.”

When asked about Lesnar’s next fight in the UFC, all Dana would say is “we’ll see what happens.”

— Now that Dana has shot down the WWE rumors, what about all the TUF 13 Lesnar-Mir coaching talk? He says he still can’t announce who the coaches will be, but did say that Frank Mir’s removal from a fight with Brendan Schaub had nothing to do with TUF 13.

“We’re moving [expletive] around all the time,” White told ( “What we like to do is that when we nail a fight and sign it, that’s usually it. It’s solid. But stuff happens with these other fights.

“We’re still laying out the map for next year. [Mir’s removal from UFC 128] has nothing to do with [‘The Ultimate Fighter].”

— For whatever reason, a lot of fans have given Dana White a lot of flack for airing the UFC 125 prelims on Ion Television instead of a more familiar network like Spike TV. When asked about all the negative feedback, Dana basically said you’re getting the prelims you asked for, get over it.

“[Spike] can’t take them,” he said. “We have a deal, X amount of prelim fights, and there’s always gaps. It’s never been that every prelim fight is shown on Spike. It never was.”

“I said, ‘How do we get this thing on television?'” White said. “You’re not going to put [the prelims] on NBC or CBS, so we took a shot, called these guys and started working with them. They were awesome, and every fan that wanted to see the prelims should be doing Diego Sanchez ‘Yes’ cartwheels down the street. We got it on free TV.”

“I go out and make this deal, and then fans are like, ‘What’s an Ion?’ ‘They don’t have HD.'” he said. “Too f—ing bad. I got it done. They’re on TV. They’re available on over 100 million homes. I got you the prelims.”

— Josh Grispi, who was originally supposed to challenge Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight title at UFC 125, is not guaranteed a title shot with a win over Dustin Poirier Saturday night.

“Look at (Yushin) Okami,” White said. “He was set-up for the title before. Stuff happened, and he didn’t get the title fight. It happens sometimes. This thing just keeps on rolling.

“If Grispi wins and Aldo wins, he’ll get in the mix. It will happen.”

As for Aldo, Dana doesn’t have a solid date on his return, but he did hint that they already have an opponent lined up for him. If not Grispi, who will it be?

— More from Dana White below with’s Megan Olivi.