Alistair Overeem got his wish, sort of. FEG announced today that Alistair Overeem and Todd Duffee will fight for the DREAM “interim” heavyweight title.

“I’m very happy that they found an opponent, I’m even more happy that it’s going to be for the DREAM heavyweight title,” Overeem said Thursday at a Dynamite!! press conference.

Now why it’s an “interim” title when their heavyweight division doesn’t have a heavyweight champion is beyond me. Doesn’t make sense and I haven’t seen anyone offer up an explanation, but it’s Japan so I guess we’ll just go with it.

All fighters made weight this morning according to the official K-1 Twitter feed, but I haven’t seen the results anywhere. If they pop up in the next few hours, I’ll post them.

Dynamite!! 2010 will air live on HDnet early tomorrow morning at 4AM ET.

One last thing, Titan Fighting Championship announced today that Tim Sylvia has replaced Todd Duffee in the main event of their Jan. 28 card, giving Duffee the opportunity to compete against Overeem tomorrow in Japan.