Dynamite!! 2010 took place earlier this morning at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. Fight videos are in the player above for those without access to HDNet. For those who do, Dynamite!! 2010 replays tonight at 9PM ET on HDNet.

Quick recap and results after the jump.


Alistair Overeem only needed 19 seconds to take out Todd Duffee and capture the DREAM interim heavyweight title. The fight couldn’t gone better for Overeem as he caught Duffee with a huge knee to the body and followed it up with a right-left hook combo to put Duffee’s lights out. With the impressive victory, Ubereem continues to be the hottest international fighter heading into 2011.

Shinya Aoki got KTFO in the show’s most satisfying ending. In a K-1/MMA special rules bout, Aoki broke every rule there was in the fight’s opening K-1 rules round to avoid getting knocked out by kickboxer Yuichiro Nagashima. Aoki tried everything from shooting for takedowns to throwing multiple pro wrestling style double dropkicks to make it to the MMA round where he was expected to score an easy submission victory. Nagashima had other ideas though. Seconds after the round two bell sounded, Nagashima perfectly timed a wicked knee to Aoki’s cranium as he shot in, knocking Aoki unconscious for several minutes on the mat. This resulted in color commentator Frank Trigg losing a bet and wearing a pink wig and lipstick on the broadcast.

After spending the majority of 2010 waiting for his paycheck from DREAM.13, Bibiano Fernandes returned to action to defend his title against Hiroyuki Takaya, who he narrowly beat to capture the title in 2009. Takaya proved to be the better fighter this year though. He fought a smart fight and earned the unanimous decision victory.

In other action, Tatsuya Kawajiri overpowered and controlled Josh Thomson to score a win for Japanese MMA. Marius Zaromskis was awarded a victory over MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba after Sakuraba’s ear was nearly torn off in the first round. Gegard Mousasi picked up another kickboxing victory over Kyotaro who lost to Semmy Schilt in the opening round of the K-1 WGP Finals earlier this month. Mousasi nearly knocked Kyotaro out in the second round but had to settle for a decision victory. Sergei Kharitonov, who is rumored to be a participant in Strikeforce’s rumored 2011 heavyweight grand prix, looked a little sluggish against Tatsuya Mizuno but still managed to knock him out cold with a brutal knee in the first round. Satoshi Ishii pulled out a decision over Jerome Le Banner, but didn’t look all that good doing it and got booed when the decision was read. Jason High took home a split decision victory over Hayato “Mach” Sakurai. Bob Sapp pulled out of his IGF special rules bout at the last minute for unknown reasons.


  • Hiroyuki Takaya defeats Bibiano Fernandes via Unanimous Decision
  • Tatsuya Kawajiri defeats Josh Thomson via Unanimous Decision
  • Jason High defeats Hayato “Mach” Sakurai via Split Decision
  • Tetsuya Yamato vs. Akiyo “Wicky” Nishiura resulted in a majority draw
  • Marius Zaromskis defeats Kazushi Sakuraba via TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage, Torn Ear) in Round One
  • Satoshi Ishii defeats Jerome Le Banner via Unanimous Decision
  • Alistair Overeem defeats Todd Duffee via Knockout in Round One
  • Yuichiro Nagashima defeats Shinya Aoki via Knockout (Knee) in Round Two
  • Gegard Mousasi defeats Kyotaro Fujimoto via Unanimous Decision (30-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Sergei Kharitonov defeats Tatsuya Mizuno via TKO (Strikes) in Round One
  • Hiroshi Izumi defeats Ikuhisa “Minowaman” Minowa via TKO (Strikes) in Round Three
  • Hideo Tokoro defeats Kazuhisa Watanabe via Submission (Armbar) in Round Three
  • Kazuyuki Miyata defeats Caol Uno via Unanimous Decision
  • Andy Ologun defeats Katsuaki Furuki via Unanimous Decision