After talking about his CSAC suspension on ESPN MMA Live, Chael Sonnen took his first shots at Alistair Overeem. In short, he doesn’t understand why anyone cares about Alistair Overeem and his “meaningless” fights.

“It’s really hard to care about this fight. Any time Overeem goes out there, it really is perplexing. He doesn’t have a whole lot of meaningful fights. My advice is bet your neighbor a bag of potato chips so that you could even care. Don’t bother wasting your time clicking the refresh button to see who won this fight. Go out. It’s New Year’s. Watch the ball drop. Tune in next week and we’ll tell you who won.”

“Well a lot of people think that Elvis Presley’s still alive as well. I don’t know that Overeem is an MMA fighter at all. Duffee got released from the UFC. Overeem got stomped in the first round by the UFC light heavyweight champion. I’m really not seeing it… From ‘The department of who cares?’ I’m gonna predict that Overeem cheats his way to another meaningless victory.”

Sonnen also took more shots at Wanderlei Silva and Brock Lesnar. He wants to fight Wand because after his suspension is up, he wants an “easy fight” against the guy with the “worst record in UFC history.” As for Brock Lesnar, he says he would want to quit too if he “got stomped out in under three minutes by a guy he outweighed by 50 pounds.”