“I think that the goal with this tournament is to eventually work its way into the pay-per-view business…For us to deliver all of the guys and have everybody committed, this could be a historical time in mixed martial arts. I think this tournament is going to be something that people remember for a long time. This will be the defining moment, I think, for our company. I think that it is going to let people know that Strikeforce is here to stay. This tournament’s going to kick ass. We’re going to prove that this is a mixed martial arts industry and not just a league industry.”

—Scott Coker on Sherdog Radio confirming Strikeforce pay-per-plans and stressing the importance of the heavyweight grand prix to his company

This tournament is awfully ambitious of Strikeforce, but I have to give them credit for putting it together and pulling the trigger on it. It could totally blow up in their face in a variety of ways but sometimes you gotta roll the dice and hope for a little luck. Even the UFC wouldn’t be here today if they hadn’t gone all in on long odds in 2005. Will the same happen to Strikeforce? Probably not, but I respect them for trying.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime