The expectations are as high as they can get. Being trained I can fight anyone. I’ve changed my mind. Before I entered there thinking about my opponent, now I get there thinking of me, how I’ll get to him and what I can do. We both evolved a lot. Overeem evolved a lot on the floor and he’s stronger and more experienced. When we fought in 2006, I pretend to do it for a while, fooled him a bit (laughs). Now I’m training a lot my bang but it still isn’t good for me to bang with him. The guy has just won K-1, so I’ll try to go for the ground, even because he was training his bang a lot and he didn’t have enough time to improve his ground game for this fight with me… The fight will be very tactic, it’ll be like the one of 2006 and I’ll catch him again, you can bet on it. I’ll beat him with my game plan and smartness. The longer it gets, the better it is for be because he has a background that proves he’s not resistant. I’ll tire him up, bring him to the ground and finish the fight.

—Fabricio Werdum talking to Tatame about his upcoming Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix bout against Alistair Overeem

I was thinking, you know what would suck? If Fabricio Werdum beats Alistair Overeem and Antonio Silva beats Fedor Emelianenko, resulting in Werdum-Silva 2 in the semi’s. You know what would really suck then? Werdum beats Silva and Andrei Arlovski makes it to the finals, resulting in a rematch of one of the UFC’s more memorably boring fights. That would have to be worse case scenario besides a bunch of guys getting injured or the whole thing falling apart. Let’s hope none of that happens.

Best case scenario, Overeem beats Werdum, Fedor beats Silva, then Fedor or Overeem meets Josh Barnett in the finals. That would make for some pretty epic tournament I would think. Good thing the best case scenario is much more likely than the worst.