It’s no secret that Dana White and Josh Barnett aren’t the best of friends. Dana has never been shy in publicly slamming Barnett and visa versa. Case in point, Dana ripped into a Barnett last September for having zero remorse for anybody after he tested positive for steroids for the third time and sabotaged Affliction’s “Trilogy” card. On The MMA Hour, Ariel Helwani attempted to play that clip for Barnett, but before Dana got two words off, Barnett made Ariel shut it off and started ripping into Dana, calling him a “hindrance” and “unnecessary.” As far as Barnett is concerned, “a trained monkey” could Dana White’s job.

It’s laughable, really. Whether you love or hate him, there’s no debating who has done more for MMA between Dana White and Josh Barnett. Dana certainly has his faults and has stepped over the line on more than one occasion, but at the end of the day I think it comes down to one simple question: Is MMA better off for having Dana White? I think the answer is yes.