Jon Jones didn’t make friends when he called Thiago Silva “disrespectful” for slapping Brandon Vera around at UFC 125. When asked about the comments in an interview with Tatame, Silva called Jones a “jerk.”

This guy is a jerk. Everybody’s a professional fighter and all fights include provocations. Brandon Vera said he’s break my legs, that I wasn’t on his level. I don’t say things, I do. You get recognized when you do things. I’m a professional fighter, but I can’t always please everybody. There’s always somebody behind the computed with a plate filled with French fries, ready to criticize you. I fight for the fans, for the money and to put my name up there. Talking is too much easy, nobody knows what goes on in your life, your trainings… I think I did my job. Who likes it, likes it, but you can dislike it if you want.

If nothing else, the comments have created a no-brainer matchmaking opportunity for the UFC if the timing ever works out. Jon Jones vs. Thiago Silva would make a great fight, but of course, it would be a lot more intriguing if they both won their next fights.

Jon Jones is up first against Ryan Bader at UFC 126. To say he’s “studying” his opponent would be an understatement.

“When you watch someone’s interviews, you can tell where they’re at mentally,” said Jones. “There’s certain words people use, keywords that show their level of confidence. Like, if I win this fight. Or, I hope. I might be able to do this. For instance, when [Bader] says, ‘When Jon does that spinning back elbow he has his back open for a split second and maybe I can take his back.’ Just the fact that he mentioned that in a Q&A tells me that’s on his mind and that’s a move that frustrates him, that’s bothering him, so I should work on it and make it even faster and harder for him to see coming. People give a lot away in everything they say.”

“I have one fight, one individual to pay attention to in order to get me one step closer to my dream,” said Jones. “Why not just get totally immersed in the things that he says, the things he tweets, the people he’s around? …I just like to know every angle. I use the internet to know every little thing I can, kind of like a spy. I just think, if I was Ryan Bader, how would I beat Jon Jones? I think about the ways I could lose the fight first instead of thinking how I can beat him.”

Meanwhile, Silva says you can expect plenty of aggression when he steps in the cage with Rampage Jackson at UFC 130.

Our games match because we both like to fight standing. He avoids the ground game, doesn’t take the guys down, he wants to exchange. It’ll be a great fight because it’ll have a bit of everything.

The fans can always expect much aggressiveness coming from me, this is something I’ll never change about myself, but it’ll be aggressiveness and strategy altogether. The level here is pretty high, we can get everything only with our hearts, but the aggressiveness will always be there.

The timing of their fights might preclude them from meeting in the first half of the year, but if they keep it up, a meeting between Jones and Silva is probably inevitable.

Image via Sherdog