Everyone from Chris Leben to Chael Sonnen to Alan Belcher has called out Wanderlei Silva in the past six months, but it looks like Brian Stann, the last man to call him out, is going to win the “The Axe Murder” sweepstakes. Dana White told MMA Fighting that match-up is likely for an upcoming event.

Brian Stann is the most likely opponent for Silva upon his return, UFC president Dana White told MMA Fighting.

Though White couldn’t offer a specific date for the bout, Silva is expected to be ready to see octagon action in the spring.

It certainly won’t have the heat behind it that some of the other match-ups would have, but stylistically, it should be a fun fight. Stann has built up a little momentum, coming off a pair of finishes, and well, I don’t think anything needs to be said about Wand. Either someone gets knocked out or it turns into a three round war.

Dana also confirmed to MMA Fighting that the Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard rematch will go down at UFC 130 as initially rumored.