I would be honored to train with Fedor. After seeing his CBS special I was impressed with the isolation and hardcore and yet raw training I saw. Fedor has been a good guy to me. After the Lesnar fight he sent me some very kind words that put things into perspective. He is a great guy and a great fighter. I am going to be traveling for training this time around. I want to take in as much MMA as I can. I hope to make it out to Duke Rufus’s and maybe even a trip to Russia if all things go as planned.

—Shane Carwin on the UG responding to Fedor Emelianenko’s recently expressed interest in training with him

It would definitely be a win-win for both heavyweights. Fedor’s training regimen has clearly worked for him, but branching out and working with other elite heavyweights can only help. On that same token, training with the greatest heavyweight of all time is not an opportunity you pass up. If it happens, I just hope someone gets video of it. Fedor and Carwin sparring is probably the closest thing we’ll get to seeing how Fedor matches up against a top UFC heavyweight.

Image via Showtime