“If I think something, but if I have nothing good to speak, I would rather shut up. I think I have the right to choose who prepares me because loyalty and respect I had. I spoke in front of him that I wouldn’t like to continue with his view but he took it to the personal side, but what he said doesn’t match with the truth. He is badly informed, Mike Tyson never trained me. I don’t know where that came from. Life is made of choices. I did mine and he did his.”

—Vitor Belfort on Twitter (translated via Fighters Only) has taking the high road in response to his former trainer, Shawn Tompkins, lashing out and claiming he has no loyalty

I would think Shawn Tompkins of all people would understand fighters jumping around to different camps and trainers. I mean wasn’t he the one who left Xtreme Couture and took a bunch of fighters with him to start his own team?

Image via Sam Morris for the Las Vegas Sun