Wanderlei Silva was supposed to fight Brian Stann next, but it looks like talks have hit a roadblock. According to Dana White, Wand is afraid everyone will hate him because he thinks everyone loves Brian Stann.

“We were actually trying to hook [Silva] up with Brian Stann,” White said. “He doesn’t want to fight Brian Stann. He’s like, ‘[Expletive] that. Everybody is going to hate me if I fight Brian Stann. Everybody loves Brian Stann.’ But that’s the fight we’re trying to make right now.”

Wanderlei Silva has been around MMA for a very long time, but sometimes I don’t think he understands what the fans want. Brian Stann is beginning to emerge a fan favorite, but he doesn’t have nearly the fan base that Wand does. It doesn’t matter if Wand was fighting the Pope or an American war hero. Every single Wanderlei Silva fan would still root for Wand to stomp their faces. Not every fight has to have a villain, not even one with an “Axe Murderer.”

Image via Sherdog