It’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard anything from Gina Carano. Her new movie, “Haywire,” directed by Stephen Soderberg, is due out in April, but there’s been no indication of what her plans are after that. Will she return to Strikeforce? Will she make another movie? No one knows for sure, but Scott Coker is confident she’ll get back in the cage eventually.

“We’re basically talking to her agent. The agent informed me that there were some re-shoots in her film, she’s got a big premiere coming up, but the door’s always open. When she’s ready to come back, that’s when we want her to come back,” Coker said.

“I believe in her heart just like these other athletes that go into the movies, even though they have success in the film industry such as Quinton Jackson or Cung Le, like he’s doing right now, and Gina, I saw parts of her movie and it was fantastic, but equal time, you’re still a fighter at heart. I know they want to compete,” Coker said.

I don’t know if I share Coker’s optimism. With fighters like Rampage Jackson, Randy Couture and Cung Le we always knew they would come back to the cage because they told us or at least someone else did. Gina on the other hand has been MIA ever since he she took a beating from Cris Cyborg and not even Scott Coker can say for sure if she’s going to return. If she still wants to fight, she doesn’t seem too concerned with letting fans or her promoter know about it.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime