“Look, Kenny’s had his chance a couple of times, you know. I like Kenny, I don’t really want to get into this whole argument about Kenny, but he’s had his shot twice. He’s had his chance. He had his time. He blew it. He didn’t make it. Obviously, he’s probably not meant to be a champion, but for some reason they put him up in the top 5… Truthfully, I would destroy Kenny Florian. I think Kenny Florian would be an easier fight than Evan Dunham. It could be stand-up, wrestling, whatever. Yeah, his jiu-jitsu is better than mine, but Evan Dunham’s was too. If guys can’t submit me, they can’t beat me. That was the only way I was losing fights in the beginning. So, if you ask me, he doesn’t have better striking, he doesn’t have better wrestling, he’s not even close in judo, so what other elements does he present that would be a problem for me? Nobody’s presenting problems as far as the jiu-jitsu anymore because I’m calm and I’m not making mistakes anymore, so I’m not worried about that… Right now I’m looking past Kenny Florian. I want someone else, a tougher challenge… I came back to training Monday and I’ve been training the last two days, so I’m ready to fight whoever they put in front of me, I just don’t feel that Kenny Florian deserves the fight.”

—Melvin Guillard talking to FiveKnuckes.com about Kenny Florian

I’m not sure this fight is going to happen, at least not yet. Guillard clearly doesn’t want to fight Florian and Kenny’s manager tweeted today that he has bigger plans in store for Kenny and thinks he’ll be able to reveal who that will be after UFC 126. We’ll see what happens, but it’s definitely a lightweight showdown I’d like to see.

Image via Sherdog