Here’s video evidence of what I’ve suspected all along. Wanderlei Silva doesn’t care if you’re a pro fighter or a 16-year old kid, the moment he gets into any kind of combat situation, the switch flips and The Axe Murderer comes out. Check out this video a reader sent to Cage Potato of Wanderlei Silva sparring with a 16-year old kid (I might be wrong, but pretty sure his name is Cody) at a local seminar in West Virginia.

“Not sure who I should send this to, but I thought you would like to see a video from an MMA seminar I went to this past weekend in Charleston, WV. Wandy was in attendance and after demonstrating various techniques, he began sparring with individuals. This was all going pretty well, being that most people understood that he was an animal and respected that at any moment he could destroy their ability to operate their limbs. That is, until a young upstart at the age of 16 chose to show off in front of everyone. It turned out less than favorable for him…Enjoy.”

Cody tried to get a little flashy with a spinning side kick and just like that the switch flips. Wand smacks the crap out of him, follows it up with a few Muay Thai knees, takes him down and starts dropping elbows. Wand was kind enough to avoid his face with the knees and elbows, but I bet he wanted to after Cody tried those illegal heel kicks to the kidneys from guard.