Rundown of Strikeforce ‘Diaz vs. Cyborg’ post-fight news, notes and quotes…

9,059 spectators filed into the HP Pavilion to watch last night’s show. Judging by the roar of the crowd in the Diaz-Cyborg fight, it sounded like everyone got their money’s worth.

— Following Nick Diaz’s thrilling victory over Cyborg Santos last night, Paul Daley will likely be Nick’s next challenge provided Daley wins an upcoming fight in the UK at BAMMA 5. Predictably, Diaz doesn’t think Daley is anything special.

“I see me putting punches on him and maybe him trying to take me down and then he’ll get caught in a choke or something like that,” Diaz said. “He could run from me, but then I’ll run him down and take him down and beat him on the ground. I can see the fight going a lot of different ways. I’m not really impressed with Paul Daley as an MMA fighter. He’s got great stand-up and good knockout power. I wouldn’t judge him from the Scott Smith fight. That fight was made for him. They both punch and he punches a little harder.”

It will be a fun fight, but people still continue to ask about the Mayhem Miller grudge match. Nick conceded that he would fight Mayhem at 185, but only if Strikeforce makes it worth his while.

“If I’m not fighting for a title, they can work that out. I’ll fight him at 185 pounds. I don’t care. I just don’t care, I just want you (the promotion) to make it worth my while. This is hard stuff. I’m training hard every day, harder than people who work eight hours a day holding a camera. You can’t do what I do. Money talks.”

A couple weeks ago, that was a “couple million” dollars, but I bet he’d take it if Strikeforce offered him an extra $50k or something along those lines. Scott Coker says he’s still committed to making that fight happen so we’ll see.

Diaz also addressed rising contender Tyron Woodley.

“I don’t want to talk bad about anybody. I don’t have anything about him that impresses me. I don’t know much about him. I hear he’s a wrestler. So now that I hear he’s a wrestler, it’s whatever… I’m sure he’s got a lot of potential. Anybody that makes it in here to fight in Strikeforce has got a lot of potential. That’s the best thing I’m going to be able to say about anybody wanting to fight me.”

Mayhem Miller was not involved in the brief altercation between Nick Diaz and people in the stands that happened immediately after he submitted Santos. Apparently, it was a group of Cyborg fans that were heckling Diaz. Of course, a group of Diaz fans (maybe teammates?) got involved and a mini-brawl broke out.

The altercation that happened after Diaz submitted Cyborg last night was not from anyone associated with Mayhem Miller or AKA as what some previously suggested last night (in fact, Mayhem wasn’t even in attendance). When Diaz won, a few Cyborg fans were heckling Diaz and eventually threw what appeared to be a bottle of water and a cup of beer, exactly in that order. Nick Diaz walked over to them, and started to throw a few verbal jabs in their direction. Within seconds, a lot of Nick Diaz fans ran over to the Cyborg fans and essentially just engaged in a moderately-sized brawl. It took a while for security to break them up. At the press conference, Scott Coker didn’t want to discuss the altercation and only said that he knew who was in the seats and that he will ‘talk to them’.

— While we’re still on the top of Mayhem, he also had a beef with Jacare if you recall stemming from that DREAM middleweight title fight in 2009 that resulted in a no-contest. When asked last night if he wanted to finally settle that score, Jacare said, “You kidding me man? I beat this guy two times. No more!”

— When asked about his performance against Robbie Lawler, Jacare said that Lawler hits hard, but he was happy when he knocked him down.

“He has a hard punch, man! It was enough to knock me down. I knew I really had to beat him up. We still have five rounds. When he knocked me down, I was kind of happy. I knew I would have to finish the fight from there… Every fight that I have, I’m getting better. [I have] all the work I put in with my great, great team [to thank for that]. I was trying to open the submission game with strikes. I feel like my takedowns are getting better. I’m getting better on the feet and even getting better in my jiu-jitsu.”

Meanwhile, Lawler blamed the loss on his gas tank.

“It was the weirdest thing. I was tired three minutes in. I’m still out of breath. I have no idea what happened. Even when I got out of the armbar, everything seemed slow. I felt good about the standup. I just felt…sluggish. It was weird… I wasn’t able to capitalize when I had him hurt. Maybe I should have kept it standing. The thing is, with him, when I knocked him down, he’s so good with his guard that I couldn’t really wait for him. I kinda sat down and waited for him to recover. I was tired.”

Lawler was noticeably tense and more wound up than usual when the fight started. I’m guessing that had something to do with it.

— Herschel Walker walked through Scott Carson last night, but he wasn’t exactly pleased with his performance.

“I did a little bit better than I did in my first fight, but it wasn’t that impressive because I got kicked twice. That’s one thing I don’t need to do is get kicked. The last kick woke me up a little bit, so that was good.”

“My goal was just to be able to step in there and be able to compete with these guys,” he said. “To be honest with you, I wanted to do one fight and then get in the gym with guys that are fighting and just train with them. It’s not like I had dreams of being a fighter, because honestly, I am older and this is a young person’s sport. But if I can bring more recognition to it and help people recognize this sport, I’d love to do it because I think these guys deserve a lot more than what they’re getting.”

Walker wouldn’t say if a third fight is in his future, but he does plan to continue to train at AKA. Two things he’s not interested in are an alternate spot in the upcoming heavyweight grand prix and the heavyweight title.

“No, there’s no way,” he said when asked if he would be willing to step in as an alternate in the heavyweight tournament Strikeforce is running this year. “I have an opportunity to step into the ring with the guys in AKA like Cain (UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez). These guys are amazing. Cain works with me a little but, but when he decides to turn it up, I know how much I need to learn. That’s what the sport is all about.”

“No way I’m going after the belt,” he said. “The only belt I’m getting will be the one that I buy. You can’t buy a belt here, this isn’t boxing.”

And then he quickly realized what he said.

“All you boxing fans, I didn’t really mean that.”

Well, at least he knows his limits.

— A rumored light heavyweight title fight between Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante and Dan Henderson is now official for Strikeforce “Columbus” on March 5. A women’s 135 lbs. title fight between Marloes Coenen and Miesha Tate is in the works for the card along with a rubber match between Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Tim Kennedy.

— Josh Barnett is not going to give the CSAC a chance to rule against him on Feb. 4 when they were scheduled to decide if Barnett would be issued a license to fight. Barnett has withdrawn his application.