Nick Diaz may have some of the best boxing in mixed martial arts, but would he find the same success against a professional boxer in his own sport?

That’s a question we may get the answer to later this year. Per Scott Coker, Nick Diaz has a provision in his contract that allows him to professionally box once this year on Showtime “if his schedule permits.” Diaz seemingly has a full plate with Paul Daley lined up to challenge him for his welterweight title and potential fights with Tyron Woodley and even Jason “Mayhem” Miller waiting in the wings, but the fight the Diaz camp seems most interested in is a boxing match against Fernando Vargas or Ricardo Mayorga in August.

“I think the monumental impact of having an MMA striker in boxing makes sense,” said Gracie, who suggested Diaz’s lack of interest in moving up to 185 to meet the “buffoon” Miller also has much to do with the possibility of fighting at super middleweight, where Vargas is scheduled to compete April 16 in Las Vegas against Henry Buchanan. “If Nick loses, he loses. Whatever. But it would show where MMA is with the hands. There’s a significance to that.”

Discussions in coming weeks are expected between Diaz’s camp, Strikeforce, which Coker said would need to play a part in the promotion, and boxing promoters aligned with Gracie to see if something can get done.

“I’ll fight Fernando Vargas,” Diaz said. “I’m not afraid to box him.”

Meanwhile, Vargas says he doesn’t even know who Nick Diaz is, but he got his attention when Nick “opened his mouth.”

“Right now, I’m thinking about [Buchanan],” Vargas said. “But listen, there’s another guy that’s been opening his mouth that’s in MMA — and that’s Nick Diaz.

“He’s been calling me out saying he wants to fight me. I’m like, ‘Who is this guy? You’re not an elite mixed martial artist. You’re not even in the UFC.’ That’s definitely a fight that interests me. He got my attention.”

Vargas must be a casual fan.

I’m not a boxing expert by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems like a tall order to me. Any boxing aficionados want to weigh-in on Diaz’s chances against Vargas or Mayorga?

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime