Siyar Bahadurzada isn’t the first fighter to complain about Strikeforce not giving him fights, but he might be the first to throw an full-on temper tantrum about it.

Last week, in an interview with, Bahadurzada blasted Strikeforce president Scott Coker and matchmaker Richard Chou for not even returning his calls after he signed a contract with Strikeforce 10 months ago. To say his words were harsh and out of line would be an understatement (I bolded the part that would get most people fired).

“It made no f—ing sense, man!” Bahadurzada says as his voice becomes a tangle of confusion and anger. “They came to me and my management! They wanted me to fight for them. These a——s… [Strikeforce President]Scott Coker and [Strikeforce Matchmaker]Rich Chou couldn’t even return a call after talking about how they’re so excited to have me in Strikeforce.”

“They’ve been dicking me around for 10 months, man. 10 f—ing months of my career they dicked me around .” Says Bahadurzada as his voice strains with emotion. “I turned down some big opportunities because of this s–t. Bellator offered me a contract for good money and we told them no because of the Strikeforce contract. If these motherf—–s didn’t want me, all they had to do was say so and fine. Instead, Scott ‘Pig F—-r” Coker and Rich ‘F–k’ Chou want to play games with me!”

“It’s bulls—, man. It’s their f—ing contract, they sent it to my management. We didn’t make the contract, they did and they sent it to us.” Bahadurzada says before laying his chips out on the table. “Let me tell you, I will never accept a f—ing penny from Strikeforce, but I will do this… they have their welterweight champion Nick Diaz fighting [Evangelista Santos] this Saturday. I will fight the winner for free in Strikeforce and if I lose I will retire from MMA. I want you to understand I love MMA, it is the only thing I have in my life that I love so understand how serious I am when I make this challenge to a bunch of clowns I f—ing hate. If Strikeforce accepts, I guarantee you I will knock out their champion.”

When Bahadurzada appeared on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani yesterday to explain the outburst, he blamed it on the “dark side” he acquired while growing up on the war-torn streets of Afghanistan.

“My mentality has been like this since I was born in Afghanistan in the war and I’ve been raised in the war. I’ve been through a lot. …I used to fight with older guys on the street who were not fair to me, and I would beat the sh-t out of them. I would not take anything from anybody. That’s why [my grandfather] called me ‘The Killer.’ This is my dark side. I tell everybody I have a good and a dark side, and my dark side comes out every once in a while when I really feel I’ve been disrespected.”

Fair enough, but that doesn’t mean Bahadurzada shouldn’t treat his fighting career with some level of professionalism. If you ask him though, it’s Strikeforce, not him, who’s being unprofessional.

“Before saying those things, I knew what the consequences would be. Knowing the consequences, I felt so bad even being disrespected like that, knowing the consequence that I might never fight for Strikeforce or any other American organization [for] doing so, because they think I’m unprofessional. But I’m not the person being unprofessional here. I have been treated unprofessionally for the last one and a half year[s]. When you feel your prime is here and nobody gives a damn about your prime or your career, then you feel disrespected.”

So what does the target of Bahadurzada’s tongue lashing think about this? Well, being the overly nice guy that he is, Scott Coker told Ariel Helwani that it was “comical” and “silly,” and the reason Bahadurzada hasn’t fought for the organization yet is because he’s yet to secure a visa to fight in the US. Once he does, they will get him on a card. When Ariel brought that up to Bahadurzada, he claimed that Strikeforce is supposed to get the visa for him.

To be honest, I’m not sure if the fighter or the promotion is responsible for securing visas (I always assumed it was more on the fighter), but once Bahadurzada cools off, it’s probably in his best interest to work on getting the visa himself because it doesn’t sound like Scott Coker is going to pencil it into his busy schedule anytime soon. At least then if they still don’t respond, it’s Strikeforce, not Bahadurzada, who looks like they don’t have their sh-t together, because right now it’s pretty hard to side with Bahadurzada when he’s calling people “pig f—-rs.”