Following another embarrassing loss at 300+ lbs., Tim Sylvia has finally realized that fighting at super heavyweight was a bad idea. He told Five Oz. he’s only fighting at 265 from here on out. Instead of taking full responsibility for his most recent loss to Abe Wagner though, Sylvia placed some of the blame on the ref and a bum knee.

“Refs need to know the fighters. Did he see my fight with Andrei Arlovski – the second one – I got dropped, got up, and KO’d him. The Randy Couture fight I got dropped and fought for twenty five minutes,” Sylvia explained while citing past examples of his ability to overcome in-ring adversity.

“It was stopped way too early…It was bullsh*t,” he continued. “(And) the sad part is the ref told the promoter and my corner he was sorry because he knew he made a mistake and stopped it a little early.”

“I still love this sport and always will. I went into the fight with a bum knee and it got worse somehow during the fight so I go in for a MRI sometime this week and might need surgery. We will see.”

Tim Sylvia seems like a nice enough guy, but it’s no wonder he’s hated by so many fans when he breaks out comments like “the ref should known not to stop the fight because I recovered from a knockdown 5 years ago!” Jason Herzog may have stopped it a little early but it wasn’t his fault Abe Wagner punched Tim in the face because he was slow and overweight.