“Alistair Overeem is a great fighter. He is very strong and is a very serious fighter. Lately he has won a K-1 tournament, as well. The only question I have [is] how he managed to gain 20 kilos of weight in such a short period of time. But frankly speaking I don’t care, if he passes [the] drug tests successfully… I completely agree with Vadim regarding the idea that all the fights have to be very honest, and all the sportsmen have to be clean and they have to work under equal conditions. It’s not a secret nowadays that a lot of sportsmen use drugs trying to increase their strength, their speed. I think the fight has to be honest.”

—Fedor Emelianenko on MMA Fighting’s The MMA Hour expressing his concerns with Alistair Overeem’s weight gain

It is sort of funny how the M-1 crew focuses on Alistair Overeem (although to be fair, in this instance I believe Fedor was answering a direct question about Overeem), yet nothing’s ever said about Antonio Silva or Josh Barnett, the two fighters in this tournament that have actually tested positive before. Obviously, there are concerns about Overeem too, but it’s silly to only point the finger at the guy with the strength of six Japanese ring girls.

On a semi-related note, Josh Barnett might have to get licensed to fight Brett Rogers on April 9 after all. MMA Rising is reporting that Strikeforce’s plans to run the second half of the quarterfinals in Japan have fallen through, and the event will now go down somewhere in the states.