Fedor Emelianenko joined Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour earlier this week in NYC. As usual, Fedor didn’t burn up the microphone, but Ariel did manage to get more than one word answers out of him. When asked about retirement, Fedor admitted that he was thinking about it even before the Werdum loss mainly due to his age and the toll fighting takes on his body. He doesn’t really have a set time table for hanging it up, maybe in a year or so, but will know it’s time when “it’s God’s will.”

“To tell the truth, I certainly, was — I am thinking about retiring but that’s not because of the loss. I used to think about it before [the loss to Fabricio Werdum].”

“This is just because of my age,” Fedor continued, through a translator. “Because of my age, because for the heavyweight sportsman my age is considered a very big one. So sometimes I’m thinking about maybe finishing my sports career because also my former injuries started reminding me about themselves. But I hope that I still will have some time to fight.”

“I think maybe about a year and after it, it’s God’s will,” Fedor said.

Few other tidbits…

— Fedor is aware many fighters use performance enhancing drugs to gain an unfair advantage on their opponents, and believes strict drug testing is important to ensure honest competition.

— Fedor confirms he met Dana White face-to-face last year. He thinks Dana does what it is best for his business, but does occasionally cross the line.

— Vadim Finkelchtein and the M-1 crew are more friends with Jean Claude Van Damme than he is.

When asked about the Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory, Fedor said he’s not sure if he still has it, but if he does, he agreed to bring it back and give it Ariel so he could frame it in a glass case and hang it on the wall of The MMA Hour studio.

— Show closes with Fedor jokingly (I think) calling Ariel “greedy” for only offering him a small bottle of vodka instead a larger one.

— People have been getting a kick out of Fedor’s Russian translator’s various facial expressions and reactions throughout the interview. Check out the gifs at Fightlinker.