Following the conclusion of Saturday night’s main event, Fedor Emelianenko told the New Jersey crowd “something went wrong from the beginning” of his bout with Antonio Silva. No one really knew what he was talking about or even cared to ask because everyone was focused on his retirement comments that immediately followed.

Rashad Evans, however, seems to think he knows what Fedor was referring to. Speaking with Larry Pepe on this week’s edition of Pro MMA Radio, Evans claims Fedor’s priest wasn’t there to give Fedor his pre-fight blessing and as a result, his head wasn’t in the right place when he stepped in the cage with Silva. Via Fight Line:

“I have someone close to the situation who was working with Bigfoot,” said Evans. “They said that Fedor was all upset because his priest didn’t come in. You know, he always has a priest for every one of his fights, and the priest didn’t come in or came in late, and it really messed him up mentally.

“When he came out, he seemed to be showing more emotion than he normally does. Normally he has a straight face, but he looked like he was mad, not like the typical Fedor we see.”

Assuming this is even true, I’m not about to say, “OMG, Fedor totally would have won if he had his priest!” That would be silly, but considering how spiritual Fedor is, I guess it’s not a stretch to think he wasn’t as mentally prepared as he normally is when he stepped in the cage.

I gotta ask though, where in the heck was his priest? These pics from the fan experience prove he made the trip over from Russia, presumably to give Fedor all his pre- and post-fight blessings, so how come he wasn’t present for what I would assume was his most important task of the entire trip? Very odd.

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