Oh my, Berezansky is going to love this one. Earlier this week, Rashad Evans suggested Fedor’s missing priest had an adverse effect on his performance in the cage against Antonio Silva last Saturday night. That intel, however, came from Silva’s camp, not Fedor’s, so what was their explanation for Fedor’s poor performance against Silva? Well, his striking coach, Alexander Michkov, offering no evidence to support his suspicions other than Silva gained 20lb. between the weigh-ins and fight time (a very common occurrence in MMA), insinuated that Silva was on PED’s for the bout. From Championat.ru translated via MMA Fighting:

“Think about it, how can the normal human being gain 10 kilograms in 24 hours?” he said. “There is something fishy here. The fact is, all our fighters, I am talking about Russian fighters, that are fighting under the banner of M-1, train on their natural abilities. Of course, they take vitamins, but that’s it. Meanwhile, all the foreign fighters, I think about 99 percent of them are taking chemicals. Obviously it was not a problem for Silva to make weight without problems. He weighed 264 pounds on the day of weigh-ins, and the next day, he was already over 280. He gained 10 kilograms. It’s very hard to fight with a fighter like this.”

Of course, Michkov very conveniently forgot to mention how M-1 fighter Kirill “Baby Fedor” Sidelnikov got popped for steroids following his Affliction DOR bout against Paul Buentello, but that’s besides the point. Silva has tested positive before, but unless he tests positive again for this fight, throwing around steroid accusations isn’t going to get them anywhere.

That wasn’t their only explanation for Fedor’s loss though. Fedor’s head trainer Vladimir Voronov has a different theory, and I do mean different. He believes that some outside force in IZOD Center used some form of hypnosis to hurt Fedor’s performance and boost Silva’s. From Lifesport.ru via Fighter’s Only:

“We believe that forbidden psychological technology was used… It seems to us that not everything was right, and that certain technologies were used. Not ones that could be seen by the naked eye but psychological technologies that worked on both fighters at a distance.”

“That is why during the fight Fedor was just not like himself. It seemed very strange behaviour from Fedor. He stepped into the ring and did everything exactly the opposite of what we practiced before the fight. We were all shocked! Fedor had never previously done such a thing.”

Voronov also observed with suspicion the fact that Fedor seemed to look “a little depressed” while Silva “literally glowed from the overflowing of his energy”. Voronov suspects the use of a person or persons in the audience capable of “blocking energy” and “transferring energy from one person to another”.

Now before you laugh this off as the most ridiculous excuse in the history of excuses, I suggest you watch this video and tell me it’s not possible. Hypnosis is a game changer, people.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime

Update: M-1’s Evgeni Kogan says it was just a joke.

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Bummer, I thought they were on to something. ;)

Update 2: Here’s Bigfoot Silva’s manager Alex Davis having a little fun with the story.

Jeez!! I got cought! I will have to come out with the truth now! I hired a Macumbeiro ( Brazilian wicth dr) and we killed a black chicken on the cross roads. After this,over a few beers, I showed the witch Dr Fedors fights, and he was worried that a chicken wouldnt be anough, so we went out and killed a black goat , just to make sure! Very potent stuff! Realy messed Fedors brain waves up!

We wanted to try that other military stuff Voronov is talking about,but its expensive technology and we were broke! The chicken and the goat came out way cheaper. Witch Dr is a friend, did it for a few beers and an autograph!