A few of us have been discussing how Georges St. Pierre feels about the potential super fight against Anderson Silva. I didn’t think he would address it until after the Shields fight, but here he is talking about it to The Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Richardson. When asked if he’s thinking about fighting up in weight, I think GSP says, “I do, next year, ya know.” It’s hard to make out if he specifically says “next year” though, so if I heard that wrong, let me know below. GSP goes on to say that if he fights Silva, he’s going to have to gain weight and it’s a process that will take “a few months.” He reiterates that if he does it, it will be permanent move. The good news is it does sound like GSP wants to move up and fight Silva, it’s just a question of if he’s willing to do it this year.

By the way, if you’re wondering why GSP has the motion capture balls all over him, he was doing some sort of demonstration at Under Armour’s new Innovation Lab. You can check that out at 5thRound.