“I think he’s going to come back a better fighter. You have to remember I’m a diehard optimist. It’s really hard to discourage me or tell me it shouldn’t be done or it can’t be done. I’m a guy that I think I know what to do to fix it. I’m going to try everything I can to do that… I’m really identifying the mistake. It went a little deeper than I thought it did. Identifying that mistake and changing what we do there is going to be a big, important factor. I don’t think he has a weak chin. I think he’s fighting in a heavyweight division where these guys would knock down a house if they hit it… I really learned a lot about Andrei and what we need to change and do differently. I don’t discourage easily. I want to go right back to the drawing board and attack what I think we need to attack to make him a better fighter.”

— Greg Jackson talking to Sherdog about making Andrei Arlovski a better fighter

I don’t doubt Greg Jackson can help Andrei Arlovski shore up his weaknesses, but it is a little worrisome that no around Arlovski seems to be concerned about the massive amounts of head trauma he’s suffered in the past couple years. Maybe it’s not Jackson’s place to say since he hasn’t been with Arlovski his entire career, but his management sounded all too ready to get Andrei back in the cage right after the knockout. Considering his quality of life is being threatened, it would be nice if someone who has a little influence over him told him that.