“Nick Diaz isn’t going to go toe to toe with me. More like my fist and his head landing at my toe, none of this toe to toe business. Diaz, everybody knows if you come stand toe to toe with me, that would be the most stupidest game plan he could ever have. I don’t care who you’ve fought, you’ve never fought me, you’ve never been hit by me. I don’t do it for publicity when I say his expiry date’s going to be up, that’s genuinely how I feel. I think the build-up could be interesting. I think if Diaz lets his mouth flow away with him, I think it could be quite entertaining.”

—Paul Daley on MMA Weekly Radio talking about a potential Strikeforce welterweight title fight against Nick Diaz

Stupid gameplan or not, Nick Diaz will absolutely go toe-to-toe with Paul Daley. You can say what you want about Nick’s personality and out of the cage antics, but you can’t deny the kid is a born fighter who isn’t afraid to play to his opponent’s strengths, even if it is to his own self-detriment. Diaz wholeheartedly believes he’s better than you at everything, and he’ll be damned if he’s not going to go out there and prove it.

Regardless, I just hope the fight happens though. Daley has a fight this Saturday against DEEP champ Yuya Shirai in the UK at BAMMA 5, and according to Scott Coker, Daley needs to win to keep his title shot against Nick Diaz. I’m not sure if Strikeforce had any contractual control over Daley taking the fight, but it seems like a huge risk for Strikeforce. These types of situations have a tendency to back fire, and it’s not like Strikeforce has a long line of welterweight contenders waiting in the wings. If Daley loses Saturday, it will be one more point for the argument that UFC’s exclusive contract policy is ideal for running a successful, top-rate fight promotion.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime