“Even knowing what I know now about what would happen during training, I’d make that same decision again. The problem is, there’s no governing body to the UFC to decide who gets the title shot. There’s no ranking, so how do I know when I’ll get a title shot again? What, when Dana White likes me enough? It’s basically on when he likes me, and you know as well as I know, that’s not that often. If I get the opportunity to fight for a title because he says so, then I’m going to take it. If I have to wait to take it, I’ll wait to take it… I told [Jon Jones], ‘Listen, after you destroy this guy everybody’s going to be talking and saying you should fight Rashad or whatever, but understand that whatever’s meant for you is meant for you, and whatever’s meant for me is meant for me.’… Neither of us controls the key to the future. It’s out of our hands, so whatever happens, happens. So I can’t be mad at that. I just have to live with what happens next. I still want to be champion. I still consider myself the best guy in the weight class, so it’s tough to swallow, but you just have to go forward. That’s all you can do.”

—Rashad Evans talking to MMA Fighting about the light heavyweight title picture following his injury

I get the sense Rashad Evans is holding out hope that he still gets his title shot if Jon Jones fails to beat Shogun Rua in a few weeks at UFC 128. It’s not clear if that will happen though. Dana White told reporters following UFC 126 that he wasn’t a fan of Rashad waiting nearly a year for the title fight while Shogun recovered from knee surgery, and while he did leave the door open for it, Dana told MMA Fighting that Rashad wasn’t guaranteed the title shot when he recovered. Contrary to what Rashad thinks though, Dana made it a point to clarify that he “likes” Rashad and has a “good relationship” with him, so at least he has that going for him. As Rashad says, whatever happens, happens.