Well this is an interesting turn of events. While Thiago Silva’s UFC 125 drug test results are still officially pending, MMA Junkie is hearing that Silva’s win over Brandon Vera at UFC 125 is going to be turned into a no-contest (a strong indication that Silva’s results are going to come back positive). If that’s the case, then Vera, who was released following UFC 125, will remain on the roster presumably since the UFC is only contractually able to cut fighters after losses.

However, it has been learned that the result of that bout is expected to be changed to a “no contest” following additional scrutiny of Silva’s post-fight drug test, and the promotion has rescinded Vera’s release, sources close to the event told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com).

FiveOuncesofPain.com first reported Vera’s return as a possibility earlier today.

As of now, Vera merely is back on the roster and does not have a pending booking. Until this past week, he was medically suspended for a broken nose he sustained in the third round of the Silva fight, which took place Jan. 1 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Lucky break for Brandon Vera, but I doubt the UFC will give him an easy fight given the circumstances. Perhaps a summer bout against Rashad Evans would be appropriate?

Image via James Law for MMA Fighting

Update: ESPN’s Brett Okamoto has more details on this story. Basically, nothing is definite yet, but that’s the direction it’s going.

The loss is currently under review as Silva’s urine tests are still pending with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. According to the commission’s executive director Keith Kizer, Silva’s urine sample will be transferred to a lab in Salt Lake City this week. Official results are expected sometime next month.

Should the test come back with abnormalities, the Jan. 1 loss would likely be changed on Vera’s record to a no-contest.

If that is the case, sources have told ESPN.com the UFC would likely bring Vera back for another shot. Additional sources close to the light heavyweight’s camp said they had not yet received an offer from the UFC when contacted Tuesday.