Apparently Michael Bisping took all those smack-talking videos Jorge Rivera made pretty personal. He started mouthing off to him during the face-offs when the UFC 127 pre-fight press conference was over, which appeared to make Rivera rather uncomfortable. Bisping also had strong words for Rivera during the presser.

“For me, I’ve got a big fight to prepare for,” said Bisping. “I’m fighting in the premiere fighting organization in the world and I’m trying to behave accordingly. I’m a professional fighter; I’m not an idiot in the schoolyard, making up silly rhymes and jokes and making stupid videos.

“This is a press conference, by the way, Jorge,” Bisping added, turning to address his opponent, who sat on the other side of the podium with a baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes. “This is what you do. I know it’s your first time being involved in something like this. Welcome to the big leagues. After this you’ll be back to the undercard, believe me.”

You can check out pictures of today’s press conference over at Highlight video via MMA Fighting.