Here it is, the final word on the Anderson Silva-Steven Seagal front kick controversy. Anderson said on the UFC Sem Limites show on RedeTV that Seagal did not teach him the front kick like he stated at the UFC 126 post-fight press conference. From Tatame:

“Spider” also talked about the kick that knocked Vitor Belfort out at UFC 126, confessing he didn’t learn it with Steven Seagal. “He gave me a little tip about how I could improve that kick, but it wasn’t like ‘Anderson couldn’t get that kick right before that’. That’s something thing you learn when you start fight standing. It’s a traditional kick of stand-up martial arts”, said.

While Silva didn’t admit that he did it for publicity, this lines up with reports from Brazil that suggested the Silva camp brought Seagal in as nothing more than a PR stunt.

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Update: I messed up. It’s been brought to my attention that Anderson Silva didn’t specifically say that Steven Seagal taught him the kick at the post-fight presser, only that he “helped him perfect” it. I suppose that isn’t much different than what he’s saying here. Either way, Seagal didn’t teach him the kick per se and Seagal took way too much credit for it. Hopefully, that’s the final word on this ridiculous story.