Pretty much everyone thought Jon Fitch deserved to get the W or at least thought the draw was appropriate in his UFC 127 main event bout against BJ Penn. Well, everyone except Dana White (and Matt Hughes). Dana didn’t make it to the UFC 127 post-fight press conference because he had to catch his flight, but he did give his thoughts on the fight to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto. He thinks BJ should have won the decision.

“I didn’t think it was a draw,” White told “I looked at the scorecards and the two judges who had it a draw scored the first two rounds for Penn and the third round a 10-8 [for Fitch].

“Personally, I scored the first two rounds for Penn and had him winning the fight. There’s no doubt B.J. got pounded in the third round, but that wasn’t a 10-8 round.”

Penn’s former nemesis and training partner for the Fitch fight, Matt Hughes, echoed Dana’s sentiments on his blog, and added that round three should have been a 10-9 because Fitch didn’t try to end the fight.

…I really thought BJ had won the first two rounds and, of course, the third round is nothing but Fitch. He gets a takedown early and lays on BJ the rest of the fight. I do think BJ did a good job avoiding strikes and it was a little disappointing seeing Fitch not do anything to try to end the fight. That round to me was a 10-9 round for Fitch.. A lot of people don’t understand the judging criteria, in boxing you can give a 10-8 round pretty easily because there are a lot more rounds. In fighting you just can’t do that. With 3 rounds to judge, a 10-8 has to be a pretty dominant round. With Fitch doing nothing to end the fight, that was not a 10-8 round, in my opinion. I even had one person comment on my forum that it could have been a 10-7 round… ???

Maybe I need to go back and watch the fight again, but when it was live it looked to me like Fitch was at least trying to finish BJ in the third round. He didn’t go balls out like Shane Carwin did when he fought Brock Lesnar but he was consistently hitting him with shot after shot after shot. I don’t know what constitutes a dominant round in their eyes, but Fitch outstruck BJ 134-0 in round three, according to CompuStrike. If that’s not a dominant round, I don’t know what is.

For the record, Dana White doesn’t hate Jon Fitch as some of the rumors going around suggested.

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Image via Daniel Herbertson for MMA Fighting