Today is a monumental day, everyone. We’re no longer the only website on the entire internet that doesn’t have a Facebook page! It’s embarrassing really that it took so long to get one up, but thanks to longtime reader Jake Berezansky, I no longer have to keep lying to myself that I’ll eventually get around to it. Seriously, major props to Jake for setting it up. I owe you one.

So, if you like us, and I like to think that you do if you’re reading this, how about liking us on Facebook? Seriously, it might give me a complex if I have more Facebook friends than the site has fans by the end of the week. That probably wouldn’t be a good sign.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Pat Barry owning the accordian guy in his tighty whiteys has to do with our Facebook page, it doesn’t. It’s just awesome and I like it. (see what I did there)