“That’s not what I said. It’s a complete re-orientation of my career. People are saying crazy stuff, ‘oh, he just has to gain 30 pounds and take the fight and fight him in three months.’ I can’t get 30 pounds in three months. It would take a lot more than that. If I want to go up in weight class. Plus, Silva fights at light heavyweight as well. So he walks around at … he’s probably 40 pounds heavier than I am. So if I fight this fight, it might be at a catch weight. If it happens… I’ve had a lot of success at 170. If I move to 185, I need to talk to my sponsors, my trainers. It’s a complete change of life. Do I want to take the risk, maybe yes. It’s gonna be a great challenge. Maybe, no. But I have to talk with my trainers.”

—George St. Pierre in an interview with Yahoo! Sports’ Steve Cofield responding to people who think he doesn’t want to fight Anderson Silva following his recent Versus interview

There’s a lot of questions left to be answered before an Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre super fight comes together. Clearly, GSP hasn’t committed to abandoning the weight class he has called home his entire career to make a run at the middleweight title. Maybe that’s the decision he’ll eventually make, but don’t be surprised if he pushes for a catchweight, as he mentioned.

GSP has mentioned several times now that he needs to talk to his team before making his decision. They clearly play a major role in which direction his career takes. Maybe they’re the ones reporters should talk to about GSP’s future.

Or maybe Jake Shields shocks us all and answers all the questions for us on April 30.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog