It looks like Matt Lindland is going to be spending a lot more time fighting in the courtroom than the cage in the foreseeable future. In addition to the lawsuit he’s involved in with Dan Henderson over the rights to Team Quest, Lindland is being sued by a medical marijuana patient for allegedly stealing a crop of marijuana plants he grew for him on his property. From Willamette Week:

In a suit filed March 3 in Multnomah County Circuit Court, plaintiff Gonzalo Aldana Gamboa claims Lindland offered last year to let Gamboa grow pot under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program on Lindland’s property in Eagle Creek.

According to the lawsuit, Gamboa registered the grow site with the state of Oregon and harvested six mature plants last October. Lindland helped load the plants into a U-Haul truck and told Gamboa he was moving them to his shed to dry, the lawsuit says. But when Gamboa returned a month later, Lindland would not allow him to collect his harvest, the lawsuit says.

Despite the theft allegations, however, the law appears to be on Lindland’s side. Instead of seeking the costs Lindland incurred to grow and harvest the plants, the plaintiff is seeking damages equaling the street value of the weed, $122,880 in their estimation. Under Oregon law though, you’re forbidden from profiting from growing weed for medical purposes (or any purpose for that matter), so it’s hard to imagine that a judge is going to award Mr. Gamboa the street value of the pot. Even Mr. Gamboa’s lawyer concedes that “it may be a little bit of a long shot legally.” You think?

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime

Update: Matt Lindland seems to be taking the lawsuit in stride.

“I have no idea what this about. There seems to be a trend these days with folks filing frivolous lawsuits without merit. I think this is a CHRONIC problem. Times are tough financially for a lot of people and everyone seems to think these is some kind of POT OF GOLD at the end of the lawsuit rainbow.”