As I’m sure you’re all aware, a massive earthquake registering an 8.9 on the Richter scale rocked Japan and triggered a devastating tsunami that engulfed parts of the Japan coastline on Friday afternoon (JST). It’s a tragic event, but the good news is everyone in the Japanese MMA community seems to be safe, or at least there haven’t been any reports to the contrary.

Takanori Gomi and Tatsuya Kawajiri have both tweeted that they are safe. Sherdog’s Tony Loiseleur and MMA Fighting’s Dan Herbertson, who both reside in Japan, are safe and describing the events on their Twitter feeds.

Women’s MMA fighter and Japan resident Roxanne Modaferri described on Facebook how scary the quake was when it shook the grocery store she was in.

So I was on my way to work at about 2:30 and decided to go to the supermarket to grab some kamaboko fish sausages for a snack.

I walk to the register and see a register woman collapsed on the floor, and another staff lady is holding her, crying out, “She collapsed!  She collapsed!”  I’m trying to think of what to do, when I notice a strange sensation.  People are starting to halt their normal motions, and I start feelnig a little nauseous!  I see people looking around, and then stuff on shelves starts moving…

It hits us all that it’s an earth quake!  And I don’t want to be in the basement of a 8 story building when it hits, that’s for sure, especially to feel it standing up?  Usually if you’re sitting down you notice it.

I put my fish sausage down somewhere and make my way towards the exit with a few other people.

Then the place freaking starts ROCKING.  People start BOOKING it for the door.  Come on, grandma, ditch the cart!  Like 5 grandmas were like blocking the doors with their carts…

We make it outside and even standing on the pavement, we can feel it.  I look up and see antenae waving back and forth wildly, and I SEE THE FREAKING 7 STORY BUILDING SWAYING compared to the one next to it!!

It was so scary!  The building was moving!  People were pouring out of all the nearby buildings.

Sherdog is reporting that several Japanese MMA events scheduled for the weekend have been postponed due to the quakes. MMA-Japan also has updates.

It’s unclear at the moment if the earthquake will affect Nate Marquardt’s fight against Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 128 next weekend or not. Many were questioning if Akiyama was already in the US for the fight, but it doesn’t look like he is considering pictures of the damage have been posted on his website. I’m sure it’s too early to tell if Akiyama will be able to fly out in time for his fight if he is indeed in the country.

By the way, I don’t know if you guys have been watching the news, but these are some of the most incredible natural disaster images I’ve ever seen. This little coastline village gets wiped out in seconds by the tsunami. We usually only see stuff like that in movies. The fact that it’s real is unbelievable.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Japan.

Update: Good news from Dana White:

Akiyama and his family are safe. He will be there for UFC 128.