The writing has been on the wall for weeks. Following a bizarre situation in the Japanese MMA media that unsettled their primary sponsor, Don Quijote, Sengoku had been granting many of their top fighters such as Jorge Santiago, Dave Herman and Ronnie Mann their releases from the organization. It wasn’t a good sign and for good reason. According to the official Sengoku website, the worst has happened. Don Quijote has pulled their financial backing, leaving Sengoku on what basically amounts to its deathbed. Since I can’t read Japanese, let alone translate it beyond Google’s crummy translator, here’s Fight Opinion’s Zach Arnold with a more detailed summary of the official release.

A note on the official Sengoku web site labeled as an urgent report claims that the promotion is at a serious crossroads and that the organization is distressed. The note says that Don Quijote has pulled all of their financial support from the company. Don Quijote was backing the company fully, including office headquarters. The note says that a lot of money was lost and that rather than stay in the ball game, Don Quijote left and that the ‘heartless mass media’ comments made about them didn’t help matters.

The company’s note, bizarre in nature, says that if they cannot find a sponsor to replace Don Quijote’s absence, then the fans must prepare for the company to collapse.

This of course, while sad, is nothing compared to the real-world devastation Japan is experiencing from the massive 8.9 earthquake that struck there today. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those in Japan affected by the quake.