Here’s a little footage of Mirko Cro Cop’s training camp for Brendan Schaub that Fighters Only shot. You’ll see Mirko working on his ground towards the end, which is where he thinks Brendan Schaub will try to take the fight. From a live video chat on via CagePotato.

”I am in excellent condition. I’ve never been in such good condition. I think I’ve reached the peak. Six weeks of bloody sparring we did. I had three great heavyweights who were lined up changing every minute. It was a torment to endure them… It is impossible to predict anything. It all depends on what Schaub will do. I think Schaub will try to take it to the ground. My stand-up is better than his and I’m physically stronger. I expect a long, hard fight… To continue fighting, we need to win both of the last two fights on my contract. If I do not get past Schaub, it would not be fair to continue. If I lose to Schaub, I will have to think long and hard about whether I will fight again or whether it will be my last fight. It would be time to move on, admit that the blade is dull for me and how my life has changed. If I win this fight and my next fight and extend the contract, the third fight will be qualifying for a title shot.”

Mirko is obviously the better striker in this fight, but I hope he doesn’t underestimate Schaub’s stand-up. It’s still developing but he has enough power in his hands to hurt you if he catches you clean enough. Plus, he’s made it pretty clear that he plans to show Mirko his respect with his right hand. I’m sure he wants to find out if he has what to takes to stand with someone like Mirko Cro Cop.