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On this week’s edition of Pro MMA Radio, Rashad Evans joined Larry Pepe to respond to comments Jon Jones made last week on the UFC 128 conference call. A refresher:

“I want to be clear to other reporters, that I absolutely HATE when people mention Rashad Evans, especially throughout this training camp. He’s a friend of mine but I’m fighting Mauricio “Shogun,” one of the best fighters that’s been around for a long time. So for people to even be mentioning Rashad Evans right now, I think, is ludicrous. Rashad is not in my mind, he’s not in my being, he has absolutely zero to do with my heart and who I am right now. Right now it’s me vs. Jon Jones and right now I’m beating all the weakness out of myself, I’m beating all the give-up out of myself, I’m beating the lack of cardio, I’m beating the lack of confidence; any sign of weakness that’s within my heart right now, I’m getting rid of it. The fact that people are bringing up Rashad, it almost angers me. Rashad has nothing to do with “Shogun” and I think from here on out I won’t even answer a question about Rashad.”

As you would expect, Rashad Evans didn’t particularly care for Jones’ comments. He told Larry:

“That does sound a little bit cold-blooded (on Jon Jones comments during the media conference call). Jon’s a young guy and when you’re a young guy sometimes you talk a little too fast for your brain to keep up …I don’t think it’s acceptable at all. I don’t think it’s something I’d say.”

“It sounds like he wants to fight, huh? Those sound like fighting words. I don’t know how to judge the kid. It’s kind of messed up, to be honest. I can’t control what anyone else says and it sounds to me like he’s a little bit insecure about the whole thing. Sometimes when you open your mouth you show what you’re afraid of more than anything. I don’t know why he has such an adverse response like that to me. I’ve never challenged him or made him feel like he should do that sort of thing. It sounds to me — if I was out of the situation — that he was feeling insecure about me. … (It made Jon) sound like a baby”.

Dana White is now saying that Evans could challenge Jones for the title if he wins on Saturday. If they do fight, it sounds like Rashad will leave Greg Jackson’s camp to train elsewhere for the title fight. In fact, on PMR Rashad said if he leaves, he isn’t coming back. It will be a “divorce.” Jones still has to beat Shogun though, and that is no given.

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