“I asked for that fight. I just threw it out there, I was like, ‘Hey, how about me fighting Gina for her comeback fight, wouldn’t that be awesome?’ And I didn’t really get any response, so I have no idea. But if it does happen, it’ll probably be down the road a little bit. I have a belt to win… It’s beneficial to me. Sharing the limelight with Gina is always good. She’s got a lot of fan base and exposure. At the end of the day, that’s a lot of what gets you paid if you have a big following. When your contract renegotiations come around, you can say, ‘Hey, people want to watch me fight.’ So I think that fight would be really appealing to me because I think I have a lot to gain from it, win or lose. A lot of people are going to see me out there, see me fighting because they want to see Gina. Hopefully a lot of her fans have become my fans and supporters.”

—Miesha Tate on Bloody Elbow Radio revealing that she wants to fight Gina Carano

Miesha Tate is probably too small to stand a chance against Gina Carano, but the girl gets it. For her, the fight wouldn’t necessarily be whether she can beat Gina Carano, it’s about stepping into Gina’s spotlight and all the exposure that would come with it. Can’t blame her for trying.

Hopefully it’s not all for naught though. The future of women’s MMA is a huge question right now. The UFC may be using Gina Carano’s star power to help promote THQ’s upcoming UFC Personal Trainer video game, but Dana White made it clear following the Strikeforce acquisition that his stance has not changed on women’s MMA. He doesn’t believe there is enough to talent to support a women’s division and he has no intention to promote it. That’s certainly not good news for the Miesha Tate’s of the world, but I suppose there’s always Bellator or some other enterprising group to pick up where Strikeforce will eventually leave off.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime