Bad Boy brings us an inside look at Mauricio “Shogun” Rua’s training camp for his title defense against Jon Jones at UFC 128. The last clip shows why sparring with Shogun is hazardous to your health.

FYI, Shogun says his knee is a non-issue.

Paula: tell us a bit regarding your surgery, you’re coming off a very serious surgery in your knee
I’d like for you to explain to us what happened, how is your recovering coming along? Are you 100%?

Shogun: right, I operated my knee on the 10th of June
I operated my Anterior Cruciate Ligament that I tore, but thank God that this ligament is replaceable so…
It’s okay, I never felt any pain in my knee, nothing, it’s not like [my previous] surgery where I blew my knees
And the doctor was very surprised that I didn’t have any injury to cartilage and that’s what’s important
Those don’t regenerate, so thank God my knees are intact
I feel no pain at all, and I’ve been training 100% for the last five months