By the end of day Jon Jones will have done not one, but two things the average person will never do in their lifetime. He’ll have fought for a UFC championship and caught a thief on the streets of New Jersey. What are the odds? Yahoo! Sports Steve Cofield has the story.

Jones, who is fighting Saturday evening in Newark for the UFC light heavyweight title, was on his way to meditate in front of a waterfall in northern New Jersey. Jones, along with Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn, spotted the suspect breaking into a car and stealing some objects. The group shouted at the robber and he took off.

Jones, Jackson and Winklejohn pursued him on foot. Jones, the youngest of the group at 23, caught up to the robber and tripped him to the ground. Jackson told Yahoo!’s Kevin Iole that Jones “foot swept” the suspect.

With the robber on the ground, Jackson began yelling to his fighter to stay away. Once the trainers caught up to robber, he tried to get up. Jackson said he “double-legged” him and jumped on top applying an arm bar. Winklejohn went for the other arm to make sure he didn’t have a weapon. In the scuffle, the robber was bloodied. The trainers said some blood got on their pants. Shortly afterward, the police arrived to arrest the suspect.

Props to Team Jackson for catching the “crack head” thief as Jones called him, but thank god he didn’t have a weapon and Jones didn’t get hurt. Jones having to pull out hours before the fight would have been heartbreaking for everyone.

Image via Tracy Lee