“You can’t say you are not going to have anything to do with it when you are a big part of the reason why the situation originated. That’s like spilling a glass of milk and then walking away and saying that you don’t want to have anything to do with it. You f**kn spilled the milk…so you’re at least going to help clean it up right? When Jon Jones came to the gym over a year ago Greg Jackson came to me and said, “listen, what do you feel about having this kid on the team?” I told him straight up that I didn’t like it. I told him that the kid was talented and that the sky was the limit with him but that was the type of guy I wanted to fight not train with. Greg came back saying, “No, no, no this will be just like you and Keith where he will be just like a brother.” I still told him that I didn’t want to do that. Then Greg said if that situation ever did arise between Jones and I that he would have to turn the fight down because that’s how it works. He would have to turn down the fight with me so that way I wouldn’t be put in a position where I looked like a punk. That’s how it works in the Greg Jackson system. After a while Greg was so high on this kid coming in and I met Jon Jones and he was a very nice and very sweet kid, so eventually I said f**k it, let’ s bring him in. After he got there and I trained with him and tried him out a little bit, something didn’t feel right so I moved my camp up to Denver to train at Grudge for awhile. That is where I spent the majority of my time over the past two fights… Then he comes across on national TV and says that he will fight Rashad if Dana White tells me to and I felt so f**cking utterly disrespected… I mean it’s one thing to say something in an interview but the least you could have picked up the phone and been like, “man I did an interview today and they kind of put me on the spot with a rough question and I answered it this way.” At least give me the heads up so that way I know and not look at it if he’s Judas or something. You know who Judas is? That interview was some backstabbing s**t but now it’s like whatever because now I know the game he is playing. Then for Greg to sit back and say he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it….why not? You f**kn created the situation. Be his coach and be in his corner. That’s what you want so do it. I don’t care if coaches against me. It doesn’t even matter… I feel disrespected by Jon because when I think about when we trained or when we were chilling, was the s**t even real? Or was he just trying to be a master manipulator and try to manipulate the situation so he could get what he wanted out of it? I don’t know and that is a question that I have in my mind but when I get down to it…that doesn’t even matter because we are going to get in there and we are going to fight.”

—Rashad Evans, via Bloody Elbow, responding to Greg Jackson’s statement that he’ll have nothing to do with the Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans title fight

Clearly, Rashad Evans is getting more and more fired up about the situation with each passing interview, but he does still have some positive feelings for Jon Jones and Greg Jackson. In one breath, he thinks Jones agreeing to fight him on national television was “f-ing utterly disrespectful,” but in another says he still cares about Jones and was happy for him when he won the belt. He think Greg Jackson disrespected him by bringing Jon in, but says he would still do anything for Jackson.

In other words, it’s complicated.

As for how Rashad plans to train for the fight, it sounds like he’ll be doing most of his training at the Grudge training center in Denver and plans to have Mike Van Arsdale (his “secret weapon”) and Trevor Whitman coach him like they’ve done for his last few fights. If Greg Jackson is really out, that will leave Jon Jones with Mike Winklejohn and I’m not sure who else.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Update: I was wrong about Rashad training at the Grudge in Denver. Fighters Only says he’s setting up his camp at Imperial Athletics in Boca Raton, Florida.