When everyone was asking about a Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva super fight, Dana White said one of the major obstacles was Anderson Silva’s refusal to fight at 205 again. Well, when UltMMA asked Anderson about it in this interview, Anderson said he didn’t know, implying that it’s at least still a possibility. Unfortunately, Anderson wasn’t asked if he’d like to fight Jon Jones, but Anderson did say he thought Jones is an “amazing” fighter and will hold on to the belt for a long time.

Update: I’m not sure how I missed it, think I’m losing my hearing, but Anderson Silva also added that he’s very happy at middleweight and doesn’t have plans to move up or down. Here’s the complete quote via MDS who apparently has better ears than I do.

“I don’t know,” Silva said. “I’m very happy in my category. I have my problems in my category. I’m very happy with my work in my category, my team. This is my category. I don’t have plans for up or down. I’m very happy.”

So basically, he doesn’t completely rule it out, but don’t expect him to fight at light heavyweight anytime soon.