“One thing to remember is Rashad is instrumental in this whole Jackson phenomenon starting. Without Rashad, who knows if it ever would have happened? He was one of the first guys to come in from out of town and join the team. And he was a guy who, when the sport was growing, he was winning fights and everybody was looking at him as he was getting better. People were calling Rashad up and he was bringing people to town, and without him, who knows if any of that would have ever happened? Without Rashad Evans, maybe this Jackson’s phenomena never happens… You know, I haven’t thought about it too much, but no question I would be supporting Rashad. He’s one of my closest friends in the world. I have a lot of loyalty and friendship with him… It’ll never be the same, you know? This gym, when the UFC broke out in 2005, was built on me, Rashad, Nate Marquardt, Joey Villasenor and Diego Sanchez. Nate’s going to stay in Denver most of the time now. That’s sort of like the old generation, and they’re welcoming the future with Jon Jones, and that’s kind of where it is right now. For me, there’s no hard feelings; it’s just business.”

— Rashad Evans’ longtime training partner and friend, Keith Jardine, talking to ESPN.com about the rift in the Greg Jackson camp between Rashad and Jon Jones

I think it’s safe to say the bond between Rashad Evans and Keith Jardine is more sacred than the between Evans and Jon Jones supposedly was. Things are going to get worse before they get better, but if you’re an optimist like Greg Jackson, you hope they can find a way to be one big happy family again after the fight is over.

Image via The Las Vegas Sun