A few observations from Bellator 38…

— At first, I thought Chris Davis and Christian M’Pumbu were having a stinker of a bout.  But then M’Pumbu began laying down a beating, and I was happy again.

— I not sure what I found more fascinating: DJ Linderman’s dogged, determined aggression, or Raphael Davis’ impressive ability to constantly put his face in front of Linderman’s left hand.

— It used to be that the last name “Gracie” meant that if the fight went to the ground, the Gracie fighter would be king.  Now, not so much.  Much props to Tim Carpenter for “going for it” down there and not being the least bit intimidated by Daniel Gracie’s pedigree.

— The UFC may have trademarked the Octagon, but exclusive rights to the standing inverted triangle may soon belong to Bellator.  Seriously, that is some cool stuff right there.

— Rich Hale, how on Earth are you going to top that?