A few observations from UFC Fight Night 24:

— Chan Sung Jung totally manhandling Leonard Garcia on the ground and then tapping him with a heretofore unseen Twister submission – with only one second left in the round – is proof that there is such a thing as “karmic justice”.  Long live the Korean Zombie!

— Yes, Amir Sadollah had no problem molesting DaMarques Johnson to score a much-needed victory.  But please, let’s keep the “moving up the ranks” talk to a minimum until the TUF winner starts beating legitimate competition that did not take the fight on short notice.

— Anthony Johnson promised us “stand and bang” fireworks, and instead gave us “lay and pray” dramatics. Dan Hardy promised that he’d learned from his mistakes in the Georges St. Pierre fight, and instead showed us that his counter to wrestling is a Kimura that doesn’t work. I’d say there were no winners in their fight last night.

— Phil Davis took out a much-more experienced veteran in Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, but let’s not forget that the Brazilian has been competing in this young man’s sport for a long, long time. In fact, when Nogueira first fought in Pride, Davis was still in high school contemplating the best ways to skip homeroom.