MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani sat down with Brock Lesnar and chatted about a variety of topics including his loss to Cain Velasquez, his infamous confrontation with The Undertaker after that loss, coaching TUF 13 and how he feels about Junior dos Santos now that filming has wrapped.

A few notes from the interview and conference call from earlier today:

— Brock Lesnar shaved his beard because winter’s over.

— Brock concedes that Cain Velasquez “beat his ass” last year when he lost his title, but says next time will be different without all the distractions he had in 2010. From today’s conference call via

“I don’t think it really registers to the general public on my year last year — from being sick and losing 42 pounds. Just to get my ass to the gym to recover and put that weight back on. And then have a title fight. And on top of that while I’m training for that title fight, a new baby boy. And then fighting Shane Carwin. And then I was expecting some time off, because I really needed it mentally more than anything — and physically… If there was one thing I could learn from that is maybe to spread title fights out a little farther than what I did.”

— Thinks about the loss in terms of identifying his mistakes and fixing them.

— Never crossed Brock’s mind to leave the UFC and MMA as it was heavily rumored last year, but he needed a long break from fighting after the crazy year he had. He did however reevaluate his life, and said there were a lot of different things to consider. Believes the rumors started because he went “dark” after the fight.

— Says he was still delirious from getting pounded by Cain when he had the brief run-in with The Undertaker during that infamous Ariel Helwani interview. He won’t say what it was all about, but apparently The Undertaker said some things about him to a mutual friend that pissed Brock off. He rebutted and thinks The Undertaker was challenging him to something that night in response. Thinks there is a bit of animosity from his peers in the pro wrestling world because they can’t cross over into real fighting like he did. Brock then clarified that there is a legitimate beef between him and The Undertaker and he has “a problem with him.” However, Brock’s too focused on TUF 13, Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez to do anything about it now.

— Initial reaction to Dana White asking him to coach TUF 13 was “no” because he didn’t want to spend six weeks in Las Vegas. But having done it, he’s glad he did because it forced him to step out of his comfort zone and learn new things as he coached his team.

— Doesn’t have any beef with Junior dos Santos following the taping. Says being around JDS allowed him to get a read on him and build his confidence. Believes in his “heart, soul and mind” that he can beat him and will take that confidence into his training camp and the fight.

— Brock will not attend Wrestlemania this Sunday in Atlanta. Doesn’t rule out a return to professional wrestling under the right circumstances, but for now the UFC is his home.

— On the conference call, Brock said that wrestling has become the key discipline in MMA and used Jon Jones’ ability to control where the fight takes place as an example.

MMA Weekly has full audio of the conference call.