Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber have been making passing remarks about their animosity towards each other for awhile now, but for whatever reason, I always seemed to gloss over what their beef was all about. Well, on the scale of reasons to dislike another person, I gotta say this one ranks toward the bottom. Apparently, it all started when Cruz was left off the event poster for their first fight at WEC 26. Here’s Dominick Cruz explaining his side of the story to MMA Junkie:

“In the beginning it had nothing to do with him at all,” said Cruz, who went 7-1 in the WEC. “In the very beginning, it had to do with the fact that I wasn’t even on the event poster and I was fighting him for a world title. That really got under my skin.

“So, my way of getting on the poster was to sign where I signed (over Faber’s picture), and it ended up pissing him off. Since then, he’s been the one calling me out. He’s done a million YouTube videos, went on like a media frenzy, and just done a bunch of YouTube videos running his mouth. After that, that’s when everything started up. That’s when I started talking because I’m not just going to let him keep running his mouth about me for no reason.

“Originally, it had nothing to do him, I felt like I deserved to be on that poster.”

Pretty lame reason to hate a dude if you ask me. Seems this “beef,” if that’s what you want to call it, could have used a nice boost from a little TUF 14 exposure, but I’ll take a timely title fight over reality show drama any day.

Poster tip via Fightlinker